Omegle is simple in its concept: you enter the chat and you are connected with a random person among the connected based on the principle of gambling roulette: you can at any time change the interlocutor

The Omegle is based on the same principle as a chat roulette with the advantage of speaking to people from around the world, that is to say the total random encounter. The new version of Omegle allows you to interact with 4 chatters at the same time and you can choose your interlocutors at any time. With hundreds of people connected online, chat with whoever you want.Continue reading

Unions that start with a click on an Internet profile are becoming more common. Why? Currently, adults live in a limited social universe, at least when compared to face-to-face meetings of the past. We work, take care of our children and sometimes meet our friends; there is no time left for other activities. We carry out our transactions and our grocery online and have replaced the discussion with text messages. We seem more connected, but are actually more isolated than ever. In these conditions, how can a woman meet a man? Forget the ladies bar … you will also find laptops.Continue reading

It is often said that if you want to create an application of the highest quality, you have to go for native development. A native application is written in the programming language specific to each operating system (“native language”) and, as such, it can make the most of the capabilities of the smartphone.

We must nevertheless add a nuance to this: the native development leaves less freedom for the developer, because it has at its disposal only the solutions offered by the native language.Continue reading

The job market has undergone significant changes in recent years. The number of freelancers has exploded, and companies increasingly prefer to hire them for one-off projects rather than hire long-term. This is good news for all those who wish to have more flexibility and independence in their professional life.

As a freelance developer, we do not have fixed hours and we can take as many vacations as we want, but under this appearance of freedom are hidden many constraints that must be respected to succeed in this business. But what constraints are we talking about?Continue reading