5 Dating Apps You Should Know



Mobile apps to try, to meet singles around you for a drink, a night, a month, a year or for a lifetime relationship, here are the best applications for your mobile that will make your life easier to catch!


We keep the best for the end I named … Tinder (tinderrencontre.net)! This is the most popular app of the moment, everyone talks about it and / or uses it or used it or hid it from using it. The small US start-up launched in September 2012 wants to remain discreet about the figures but we know that users are counted in millions and that the application would weigh around 500 million dollars, a real success!

Available on Android and Iphone to start nothing more simple, used your facebook account, it is mandatory but rest assured nothing will be displayed on your wall FB.

After choosing your photos, complete your profile and search preferences and go! The profiles (one or more photos, a name, an age, a distance) scroll and you can slide them to the right if you like or to the left if you do not like. When both profiles ” love each other ” it’s a MATCH! You can then start a conversation.


Created in 2006 by the Russian Andrey Andreev, Badoo is a dating site on the net that now has more than 216 million members. In 2011, Badoo is the first dating site to launch its application. The principle is the same as on the site you can meet people close to you or not. For registration you can log in with your badoo or facebook account or create a profile. You can refine your searches with common interests.


BonjourBonjour was born in 2013 according to an idea of ​​Rasmus Michau, an essential figure of the Parisian nights. The principle is a bit of knowing who is in the neighborhood to go out in the corner. Profiles close to you have proposed, send them a “hello” and if it is accepted BANCO the discussion can begin! You will be able to discover what users are doing and where they are by curiosity or to find out what is going on near you.

Editor’s note: the company has unfortunately announced since the end of its activity


This is one of the latest and she is French: Happn. The idea is original since it is a little version 3.0 of the mail of the heart. How many times have you met a pretty girl on the street or the subway without daring to approach her? With Happn and geolocation it’s almost possible. Indeed the application offers profiles that you met more or less close in the day and then if you like you have a “crush” and you can talk.


This application was released in Germany in 2011 and 8 months later it is among the top 5 most downloaded mobile applications from our German neighbors. The operation of this application is also based on geolocation. After filling in your profile, she offers you to get in touch with members close to you. You will be able to chat, apply fltres to your photos or check your popularity.

Why use a dating app ?

This is not new, everyone has already heard about it and it is obviously not close to stop because dating applications are constantly growing. More than a simple fashion phenomenon these new toys totally change our social habits in terms of drag. One thing is for sure, if our grandparents learn the news, one, they will not understand the principle the first time, but above all they would be once again outraged by the “abnormally strange behavior of today’s youth.” hui “. For once, they would not really be wrong because with these applications it is now as easy and quick to meet a girl in the bar next door to order a pizza. No more correspondence by mail, night serenades under the window of your sweetheart and courtship displays in disco, all your phones are gone to catch!

The first question that can be asked, even if it is more or less obvious, is Why use a mobile application to meet ?. Several answers but the first is of course the ease! No more outings to friends and then nightclub to try to meet a girl. You are more likely to empty your bank account with different tours than leave accompanied. In addition the lighting of bars and other places of night is often mediocre and / or flattering and the disappointment is hard in the light of the day. Today our work takes us more and more time, the transports exhaust us, one does not necessarily have the time and the desire to go out to drink a glass to hunt the gazelle. This is where the applications are appreciable. The ass stalled at the bottom of the sofa ‘you can do your market and perhaps invite a girl to go out but later. At work, at a dinner, brushing your teeth, before going to sleep, in short, everywhere and anytime you will be able to flirt as you wish.

For the most shy of us the virtual has always helped; the approach is clearly simplified. As for the most naughty (without profile pictures, therefore) is the opportunity to know if you can please a girl despite your physical disadvantage … knowing that there are limits because it will take a day to go to real ! For convenience, do not forget to talk about geolocation! Almost all applications use it and this is the major force of the principle. Drag along via your mobile, but close to you! You can narrow your search to find profiles close to where you are or where you are. In short, these applications are just the reflection of our consumer society, where each individual consumes more and more, except that here the product is the man. We take, we test, we throw or keep and then we throw and start again, a vicious circle … the circle of love life?