How Tinder match works and how to get more matches

Tinder is the dating application that makes meeting new people as easy as swiping your finger to the left or right. Import your Facebook profile and let the pairing occur! Welcome to the most complete guide on how Tinder works in 2019.

Have you heard that Tinder is a widely used application? Do you know many people who have been with people out there? Or are you just curious?

In any of the cases in this guide you will learn step by step everything you need to know to be able to use Tinder, create an account, meet interesting people and many more things.

Tinder is an application for mobiles and tablets (now also available for the computer) that allows you to get in touch and have appointments with people who want to meet people, usually with a sexual / sexual purpose.

To date it has 20 billion matches and is one of the applications to link and get the most popular quotes in the world.

What is Tinder for?

Tinder serves as a complement to meet new people who can attract you in your day to day.

If you do not have time to party or do not have friends to introduce you to girls it is sometimes difficult to find people who are attracted to you that are free and willing to meet people.

Tinder ( makes it easy by helping you get in touch with those people available and willing to meet someone.

The operation of Tinder is very simple. When you open the application the interface starts to show you images of people you can meet and under its images you have two main buttons.

One is a great ❌ and the other a great 💚. If you choose the red cross you indicate that person you don’t like and if you give the green heart you indicate that you like it.

If you both like each other (that is, you give each other a green heart) it is when you will have a match. And only at that moment can you start talking.

What is a match in Tinder?

A match is a compatibility in the application. It implies that both you and the other person have liked each other and that you can now talk to each other.

Yes, in Tinder you can’t talk to someone until you have a match with that person, that is, you can’t talk to whomever you want.

That is why it is important to have a very careful profile, with good photos and a good description, to increase the chances of having a greater number of matches.

Later in this article I will show you how to have a more attractive profile.


What do the Tinder buttons mean?


  1.  ❌ I don’t like it. Indicate that you don’t like or feel like meeting that person (swiping to the left has the same effect)
  2.  💚 I like it. Indicate that you liked that person (swiping to the right has the same effect)
  3. ⭐ī¸ Superlike. If we give this button our profile will appear highlighted and more striking so that we call more attention to a specific person.
  4. ↩ī¸ Rewind. You can rewind to go back if you have accidentally rejected a profile. Only for Tinder Gold or Plus.
  5. ⚡ī¸ Boost. It allows you to be the most viewed profile of your area for 30 minutes, highlight your profile to everyone else. Only for Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus version.

How to edit your Tinder profile?

To edit your profile, first click on the top left icon of the application.
Click on Edit Information to access the editing of your profile.
From there you can change all your photos, description, etc.

Below you have all the options of your profile that you can modify:

Profile pictures

You can add, delete, or reorganize your profile photos and it is the most important part of your profile and one of the most neglected.

Most people leave the default photos or put terrifying photos that more than help them sabotage them, don’t be one of those people.

Smart photos

When you activate Smart Photos, Tinder checks your profile photos to make sure that the photos that are most likely to be slipped to the right always appear first. The operation is quite simple: the system changes the first photo that users see of you, records their responses and reorganizes your photos, placing the ones that get the best response first.

To enable the Smart Photos feature:

  • Press the profile icon at the top of the main screen.
  • Click on the pencil icon or Edit information.
  • Touch to move the Smart Photos button to the right.
  • To activate Smart Photos you must have at least 3 profile photos.

About …

One of the most important parts of your profile, 500 characters to show the most attractive parts of you, of your identity. Here you should include an authentic, honest, stimulating and different description of who you are.

Pay attention to this section as it can greatly increase the% of matches you have.

Later in this article I will show you how to improve this section.

Position, company and school

Simply a way to put where you work / study and your position is not very important. (Unless you have an exceptionally cool job)

Show my Instagram photos

Here you can connect your Instagram with your Tinder, which helps a lot to build trust and, if you have a good IG profile, it can help you increase the match ratio a lot.

But beware, it is a double-edged sword, if your Instagram photos of disgust you will be taking away probabilities.

My cult song / My favorite Spotify artists

A way to connect your Spotify and your favorite songs / artists with Tinder. It is advisable to fill it so that your profile is more polished, when more specific to you it will filter more people and you will be alone with those that you may like a lot and those that you can like a lot.


Man, woman or a bunch of more gender options (transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc).


The age in your Tinder profile is usually connected to your Facebook profile.

If you log in to Tinder with Facebook, update your age on your Facebook profile and the change should be reflected in Tinder within 24 hours.

First name

The name of your Tinder profile is usually connected to your Facebook profile.

If you log in to Tinder with Facebook, update your name on your Facebook profile and the change should be reflected in Tinder within 24 hours.

Basic app settings

Tinder has a series of basic settings that control what type of profiles you are shown, what age range, etc.

They are all the following:

Maximum distance

It serves to choose the distance range where you will find the girls you want to meet. You can select between a minimum of 2 km and a maximum of 160 km.


This is where you choose what sex you want the application to show you. Simple.

Age range

You choose the age range that you want the profiles you will see in Tinder to have. I recommend that you let yourself be surprised by ages that would not normally attract your attention.

Show me in Tinder

If this option is your profile is shown to other people. If your profile is deactivated it will not go out to other people but you can continue chatting with the people that you had already done.

Web profile

You can choose your username as in any social network. You will also have a web address from which you can access your profile from any computer or mobile phone, without the application.


Enable and disable the alerts you want Tinder to notify you on your mobile phone (new matches, messages, likes of messages, super likes).

Below, you can log out or delete account (although if you want to delete your account below I explain exactly how to do it).

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are Tinder’s premium (paid) options, they have different extra features that enhance the experience and possibilities with the app.