Some golden rules to succeed as a freelance developer

The job market has undergone significant changes in recent years. The number of freelancers has exploded, and companies increasingly prefer to hire them for one-off projects rather than hire long-term. This is good news for all those who wish to have more flexibility and independence in their professional life.

As a freelance developer, we do not have fixed hours and we can take as many vacations as we want, but under this appearance of freedom are hidden many constraints that must be respected to succeed in this business. But what constraints are we talking about?

Any freelance developer must …

search (and find!) Customers.You specialize in web or mobile development, but if you want to work freelance, you will spend a lot of time prospecting for clients. This “marketing” side is one of the galleys of freelance developers. Despite the time invested in communication with the potential client and in the preparation of your commercial proposal, you will have no guarantee of carrying the project. This can be very discouraging, but you will have to hang on and keep searching. As your portfolio grows with projects, it will be easier for you to retain your prospects.

get organized. With a lot of time spent on prospecting and new projects arriving when you least expect it, time management is an essential skill to succeed as a freelance developer.

set a reasonable price for his services. “A reasonable price” does not necessarily mean “cheap for the customer”. Freelance developers, especially beginners, are often tempted to offer low prices, sometimes well below market rates. The price may be your competitive advantage, but make sure to take into account all the charges you will have to pay and correctly estimate the time needed to complete each project.

do not forget to rest. If you decide to work as a freelance developer, your home will turn into an office. Customers will send you emails at any time … including late at night or on weekends. You will have to learn how to respect your rest time and resist the temptation to deal immediately with all the requests of the customers, otherwise you will be able to let you quickly gain fatigue.

The skills of a good freelance developer

As an expert in web or mobile development, you must first have programming skills, but many freelance developers also learn web design and digital marketing to take on projects of a larger scale. If you are just starting your programming career, you should first choose the platform for which you want to code, and then learn the programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are used.

Prospecting is an inseparable part of the profession of freelance developer. It’s a good reflex to take advantage of social networks to become known, but a LinkedIn page might not be enough to give prospects want to entrust their projects. Remember to prepare a portfolio presenting your achievements … It would be even better if the client could consult it on your website. Thus, while looking at your projects, he will immediately appreciate your skills in web development and web design. A plus for you!