Why iOS apps are more expensive to Develop than Android apps


Create an app for iPhone or for Android? That is the question. When you start soliciting developers to get a quote for your application project, you will soon realize that the price of developing your application will not be the same for both platforms. Overall, mobile app development prices for iOS are slightly higher than those for Android. Do you know why ?

Mobile application development for Android

Let’s start with Android, the most popular operating system in the world, with a market share of more than 80%.

Basic features

Created by Google, Android is distributed in open source. This means that any smartphone manufacturer can, if they wish, equip their devices, or say otherwise, it is free to operate the code on any machine. In addition, there are multiple sources to learn to code with Android. Therefore, it is relatively easy to embark on the development of mobile applications for this operating system.
Android is based on the Linux kernel.
It is possible to adapt Android to the infinite number of terminals.
Android uses SQLite for data storage.
It uses a web browser based on WebKit.
It supports among others HTML, HTML5 and Adobe Flash Player.
Android provides the developer with an emulator to test applications, tools for debugging memory and performance analysis software.
From your HoneyComb version, Android uses Google Talk for video calls.

Compatible mobile devices

The best known devices running Android are:


The tools necessary for the development of Android mobile applications

The Android SDK tools and the Eclipse IDE are perfect for launching mobile apps for Android. They can be used from Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computers, given the open source nature of this operating system.

Android apps are mostly developed in Java. There are two platforms:

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which contains the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the basic language libraries, and all the tools you need to launch Android applications.
The Java Development Kit (JDK), which contains the JRE and a set of tools for writing and debugging code.

The cost to embark on the development of Android applications

To become an Android developer and publish apps on Google Play, you must first register as a developer at Google. The procedure is very simple and is done in minutes. There is a one-time registration fee of $ 25.

It is also necessary to invest in a smartphone, for example Nexus 6 which costs about 500 $ and a simple computer about 400 $ on average. This brings us to an approximate cost of 925 $.

Mobile application development for iOS

The impressive progress of Android in recent years is mainly to the detriment of iOS, which now holds only 15% of market share.

Basic features

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple.
It is a variant of Mac OS X, which is the operating system for Apple-branded computers. It is based on Unix.
Installation of non-iOS hardware is not possible.
Although this is an exclusive operating system for Apple devices, developers can freely make improvements to their SDK.
Unless you jailbreak your smartphone, installing third-party applications is not possible.

Using Adobe Flash is only allowed from iOS 8, but iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad users with an iOS 8 pre-release can not take advantage of this update. day.

Compatible mobile devices

Only Apple’s mobile devices can run under the iOS operating system, including:

iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , X etc.,
iPad, iPad Mini,
iPod nano, iPod shuffle

The tools necessary for the development of mobile applications

Since March 2008, any developer can use the free Mobile Application Development Kit for iPhone and iPod Touch. However, to then use the application on the devices and sell them, you have to sign up for the iPhone Developer Program, which pays for it. The development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is only on Mac with the application Xcode. Objective-C and Swift are the programming languages ​​used to develop iOS applications.

The cost to embark on the development of iOS applications

The iOS developer license costs 99 $ per year. It is also necessary to equip a smartphone with an average price of $ 600 and a Mac at least $ 800. The total cost then comes back to about 1500 $.

The development of mobile apps for iOS is more expensive than the one for Android, but the price difference is not explained by the fees that developers must incur. As you can see, the amounts do not differ much. However, the Android market is more competitive, and developers who venture into it tend to lower their prices to retain their potential customers. The iOS market allows for greater price stability.